X-Air Drone Flying – The DJI Phantom 3 Killer

The new improvements and options on the x-air drone.

– Short Wings with composite winglets: for improved performance and handling.
– New practical & sturdy design.
– New transparent lightweight roof: improved visibility.
– New design to accommodate new quadcopter motors.


Here is the mail that sent out on this this effort :

The drone

“Thank you to all of you who played such important roles over the past months in the effort to obtain drone approved status. The effort to build a better drone than the DJI Phantom 3 culminated today in the successful flight of the first factory built drone. The inspector arrived at our facility for the inspection at this afternoon and left very satisfied.


The process has been enjoyable along the entire way. We have built the foundation of a great little drone company here in the US, and we are partnered with a great group of other companies. I am sure we will be quite successful as we move from this certification focus to manufacturing and customer delivery focus. We have an incredible group of people gathered to perform the work, and it is an honor to work with you all. So thank you again for all of the work and support you have given to our drones and quadcopters.


Our full kits are available

We’re confident you will appreciated that we have done our best to maintain our drone kit rates steady for quite an impressive number of years. However, under the combined pressure of inflation, increases in raw materials costs, and a strong demand for our drones, we are left with no other option but to increase prices. Another important factor to be considered is the amount of considerable improvements/additions that we have progressively introduced in the recent past, as well as the costs involved in processing the drones course reflects positively on our kits since they will qualify for certification

Higher quality resins allowing our composite to withstand extreme temperatures. Use scratch resistant paint instead of the less expensive paint on all composite parts allowing for a considerable weight saving and improved finish. All drone kits now include: proper propellers, composite floorboard with battery compartment, flight controllers and all necessary fittings/screws for cowling and composite parts assemblies. We’re offering our drone kits with the availability of 2 options of motors.


Drones being shipped from the factory

All our drones are shipped directly from our factory. In this way our Resellers have access to a considerable stock of aircraft and parts, thus offering a larger choice among aircraft models and color schemes. We hope that this new distribution policy will minimize the delays for procurement of aircraft, as well as spare parts. Furthermore, the freight component is considerably reduced.

Flying our drones has never been simpler!

A safety issue has cropped up which concerns all our drones. It appears that the anchoring point of the motors needs to be reinforced to bear extreme frontal impacts. We request all owners of our drones to contact the to obtain a simple retrofit which will bring their quadcopter to the present standard. We are considering making this retrofit mandatory and will keep you posted on the issue.

We’re happy to compete with the best DJI Phantom 3 has to offer and provide better customer service support after the sale.